Kimberly Brizzolara

Position: Director, Strategy & Editorial

Born and raised in the Big Easy, I followed the irresistible call of palm trees, sunshine, and frisbee golf to Stanford, where I studied Creative Writing as an undergrad—and stayed on to earn an MA in Media Studies. I honed my marketing and conceptual skills on the agency side as a Strategist, Copywriter and Creative Director at Acxiom/Digital Impact, launching captivating campaigns for clients including Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, GAP, Visa, Wyndham, and L’Oreal. Switching to corporate, I built and directed the Digital Editorial team at Sephora, creating marketing campaigns for, email and the app while developing cross-channel branding for Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program, Sephora Collection and new digital products.

My work has won over 70 awards—ad:tech, Marketing Sherpa, Media Post, the ADDYs and more—for creative execution and performance. In 2012, I was honored as one of DM News’ Thirty Under 30: The Best and Brightest Young Marketers.

What can you expect from me?
Stories, stylishly told. Strategies, stunningly executed. Statements, boldly presented. Smiles, consistently spread. And coffee cups, the size of my head.

Got a lemon? We’ll Make a Margarita.

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