Desiree Marr

Position: Copy Director

Born in Alameda, a not-so-tropical island in the San Francisco Bay, I earned a BA in English before booking it to the Big Apple. After studying Fashion Marketing at Parsons School of Design—and paying my dues in the notorious Teen Vogue closet—I enjoyed seven years as a fashion editor and stylist at publications like Lucky, Star, and Life & Style.

Switching gears to the dynamic beauty space, I packed up 13 boxes of ankle boots and returned to The Bay where I spent two years as a digital writer for Sephora. Following the launch of Sephora 2.0 and its Canadian counterpart, I transitioned to Sephora Inside JCPenney—directing editorial and creating unique campaigns for almost 600 stores.

Following the birth of my cute-but-crazy twin boys, I jumped into freelance life—working for big brands like Estee Lauder, Uber, and Urban Decay, as well as for small startups, one-woman shops, you name it. Along the way, I sharpened my branding teeth freelancing for award-winning agencies around the country, including MSLK (New York) and Colony (Los Angeles). I am obsessed with creating the perfect brand voice, cutting through the content clutter, and coming up with clever, get-them-to-buy taglines.

What can you expect from me? The ability to hit deadlines, nail copy, and shatter expectations. A compelling, conversational writing style. An all-black wardrobe, an ungodly amount of hair, and—of course—emdashes galore.

Got a lemon? We’ll Make a Margarita.

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