Grab Life by The Balls

written by Carolina Pistone September 17, 2016

Sure, a Vegas show about buff Australian men stripping and strutting their junk could be all about living a Magic Mike fantasy, but Bartlett Brands likes to dig deeper. We saw the flashing lights, the bulging muscles and the sweaty chests of steel (saw and thoroughly enjoyed)—but the hero of our Thunder from Down Under experience was very clearly Terry.

A motherly, white-haired woman, Terry was plucked from the audience to participate on stage by the burly host. And she fully embraced the experience (and all of the pecks that came with it), unafraid to grab her Australian and let go. No insecurities in sight. Just a lust for life, among other things. Terry taught us how to seize any experience and grab it by the balls… pun intended.

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