Freak Buzzing

written by Kimberly Brizzolara September 16, 2016

Hitting the show floor the day after Rebecca and I gave our branding presentation was… rough. After celebrating with our Mina Group friends at Strip Steak and keeping the Pai Gow tables hot too late into the evening, we stood in the mile-long Starbucks queue with all of the other up-past-bedtime beauties for a precious hit of caffeine to the veins. But even with coffees in hand, we were dragging.

Until we discovered a product that gave us a buzz. Literally. At the booth for Dr. Lip Bang’s Lip Freak Buzzing Balm, they asked us to pick a flavor. Berry Sinister. Sin-O-Mint. Clockwerk Orange. We each grabbed one—and the sensation was immediate. Imagine applying ChapStick made with pop rocks. We kept reapplying every hour or so. And the ever-better-than-caffeine tingling sensation kept us on our toes (and feet) all day. Thanks for the jolt, Dr. Lip Bang.

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VideoPortal March 15, 2017 at 5:47 am

I ve had mine for about a year and a half. I put it away because the buzz was really strong and annoying. Now, I just put it on because of your mention and it s hardly a tingle!


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